Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brain Haemorrhage (2011)

 Brain Haemorrhage by abhigrad 

I was in the crowd down in the square
And I could feel the stinking breath
Of your anger down my neck
And it summoned a beast
From the misty darkness
That dwells underneath my amiable face.
At my feet lay a brick;
Red, cuboid and dangerous.
At the altar,
They were getting ready to hang you
And in that moment,
My mind formed a picture,
My heart skipped a beat
And I had to exhale deeply.
So I picked up the brick
And hurled it at you feet.
For I thought,
You would be dead in an hour
And guilty dying men
Don’t feel any pain.
How my pulse ran at the thought
Of the blood breaking out
Of your guilty bones.
You, my brother with the stinking breath.
Yes you, the one breathing down my neck,
Made a cry like a rabid animal
And aimed another brick at the altar,
Foam dripping from your mouth.
The cry resonated through the crowd
And the crowd showered the altar
With a hundred bricks
And killed all the innocent children
Of the guilty man
And my hand was stained dusty red
From the brick.
I hid the stains behind my back
And slipped out of the crowd.

Night was falling softly
Spreading its bat like wings
With pin pricks for stars.
Creatures were croaking in the wild,
Insects were chirping from the grass.
I saw an old wizened man
Laden down by burden
Of a hundred lonely years
Walking barefoot
Down the unworn path.
So I struck a match
To guide his wavering strides
And my cohorts struck a bonfire
And burnt his village down.

When there was the war,
We were soldiers
In the leather boots
Too big for our feet,
For they belonged to men
With empty eyes.
There were a thousand wounded
When I walked into this haunted town.
There I saw a woman,
Festering with disease,
Flies licking her open wounds,
Her lips were quivering
And her eyes were pleading,
So I fetched a bowl of water
To satiate her thirsty parched lips
And my brothers in arms
Followed in my steps.
How should I have known that
At the middle of the night
I had gone drunk raving mad
And poisoned the well
Killing the entire town.
My captain patted me on my back,
Uttered a few sorry words
And put the poisoned ones
Down as the casualties of war.
He opened another bottle of rum
And we played cards into the night.

Next night I dreamt my pillows
Were full of bountiful cash.
I woke up in the morning
And cried when my scouring hands
Came away full of chicken plume.
If I were to find that cash,
I would go to the mall
And buy bags full of emptiness.
I would have diamonds swapped for my eyes,
Rolexes sewed on my ears
Telling me the good time.
I would lay curled in my emptiness
Drowning my conscience
In the automated flush toilet
That I would swap for my brain.
Swooosh followed by a gurgling sound!


Heart said...

Brilliant poem. It is full of imagery and rich in meaning.

Abhishek Yadav said...

@Heart..Thanks for your comments...I will make sure to keep them coming